When to Consider Replacing Your Windows

When to Consider Replacing Your Windows

Replacing windows is a big deal that requires proper planning. Homeowners replace windows to repair damage, reduce energy consumption and save money. Another reason for replacing windows is to make your home attractive, or to shade from unwelcome light or noise. Others replace windows to enhance the privacy of their homes.

Daily exposure of the window to sunlight and weather make it vulnerable to breakages. Windows, just like other parts of the house, don’t last forever.  If the surrounding seals of the window are weakened water can seep in and contribute to the rotting of the wood. Rotten wood introduces fungal infestation that can lead to diseases. Some windows might be installed poorly or so worn that they rattle in the frames when exposed to wind. Other windows can be difficult or impossible to open or close properly. This can pose a serious problem during emergencies and such windows should be replaced as soon as possible.

Conditions Necessary for Window Replacement

When you notice drafty air leaks, and water condensation on the inside glass know that the window is not protecting you adequately. Cold air enters the room, and heat disappears through the same weak seals, thus increasing energy costs. Old windows with single panes are prone to leakage. The single pane cannot block incoming cold, heat and light. In such a case, it is prudent to invite a professional energy auditor to inspect and recommend how to increase energy efficiency in your home. The best option however is replacing old windows with new energy efficient ones.

Saving Costs

Window replacement is necessary when the homeowner wants to save on costs. Replacing old windows helps to save energy. A new window has a higher insulation value and is modified to recoup energy costs. Additionally, installing some energy efficient windows could earn you tax credit and other loan programs. Installing new windows comes with the benefits of better noise, light and dust control. These benefits make replacement more appealing.

Changing the Design

Windows play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetic value of a home. Faded, old and broken windows spoil the beauty of the home. Given the availability of many colors, shapes and sizes of windows on the market today, it is imperative to replace old ugly windows with new attractive ones.

Indicators of When to Replace Windows

There are several indicators that signal when you should replace the windows. They include;

  • When you experience a drafty feeling when fans are not running
  • If you see light between the frame and the sash in the full closed position
  • If you regularly deal with condensation on the inside of the windows
  • When windows are hard to open or will not open
  • When you see chipping or rot
  • When you want to improve the look of your home

Technological advancement in the window industry has brought many improvements that dictate the time when window replacement is necessary. Government regulations on energy saving also play a significant role in influencing the time for installing new windows.  Homes with old windows spend more on energy costs, thus it’s necessary to substitute them with energy efficient windows. At Mikita Door & Window we’re here to help you make the right decision on your next replacement windows. Give us a call at (516) 867-4100 or visit our showroom today!