Low E Glass Windows

Low E Glass Windows

Low E Glass windows are revolutionary, meaning that they increase your home’s comfort and energy savings year-round. They are manufactured by applying layers of microscopic metallic coatings to the surface the window glass. The coating block out the sun in the summer, while retaining warmth in the winter.

Low-E glass filters the sun’s strong rays, thus reducing unwanted solar heat gain in your home as a result of these rays. In the winter, Low E glass takes on two roles: first it lets warm, sun rays into the home for natural warmth and comfort; then helps to retain the warm air inside, rather than allowing it to escape.

E glass provides the following benefits:

  • You save on energy costs for both heating and cooling, as Low-E glass helps air conditioning and furnace units to run more efficiently.
  • Fading is reduced in interior furnishings such as carpets, drapes and furniture.
  • You will have purchased an ENERGY STAR®-qualified product, doing your part to help conserve energy and the environment.

Some of our popular Low E Glass Windows

We recommend Low-E glass to customers looking for green alternatives for their home, while saving in energy costs.