7 Things To Look For When Buying Exterior Doors For Your Home

7 Things To Look For When Buying Exterior Doors For Your Home

When you visit a home with exterior doors, do you ever think to yourself “Wow those are really attractive doors!”. If so, then perhaps exterior doors should be on the top of your list when it comes to thinking about what kind of remodeling needs to be done on your home.

Here are the 7 attributes that exterior doors should possess when looking to make them worth buying for your home.

1) The exterior door is made out of wood. There is nothing better than wooden exterior doors period! They look great and they are very durable. Now I don’t mean by saying this that you shouldn’t consider metal or fiberglass exterior doors because they can be just as appealing but not as they are made out of wood.

2) The exterior door has a good design. Exterior doors should have a good design that will match the exterior of your home such as vertical blinds, three dimensional buckling and so on. You shouldn’t worry about investing in exterior doors with attractive exterior door designs because they will enhance the look of your home to no end and also add value to it!

3) The exterior door is prehung or at least has a brick mason joint jamb, this goes without saying but if you want exterior doors that are going to last longer then exterior doors that are pre-hung or at least have a brick mason joint jamb is important because the exterior door hinges will go through the exterior door and up into this exterior door jamb and it will make the exterior doors more durable.

4) The exterior door has a sturdy frame. Usually exterior door frames are made out of plywood or 2x’s but don’t let that fool you because exterior door frames can be just as well made as walls for homes! It is important to pick an exterior door with a good quality exterior door frame if you want your exterior doors to last very long and perhaps even get passed down generations in your family through inheritance because exterior doors can have lots of sentimental value attached to them.

5) The best exterior doors are able to insulate energy (sound, heat, cold). I think we all know by now that exterior doors can be a source of heat transfer and exterior doors can also provide a way for noise to enter your home, exterior doors should be energy efficient. What exterior door companies do is they insulate the exterior door or prime it with exterior door paint to achieve maximum energy efficiency in exterior doors!

6) The best exterior door companies offer exterior doors with lasting warranties. There are many exterior door manufacturers out there, but not all exterior door companies offer the same warranty on their exterior doors. Some are only offering one year warranties while others offer several years which should give you an indication as to what kind of quality that these exterior door manufacturers have. If I were you then I wouldn’t settle for less than 3 years of limited warranty on exterior doors!

7) The exterior door is shatterproof. Exterior doors are subject to a lot of abuse especially in high traffic areas such as front doors. It is very important that exterior door glass be made out of insulated glass or tempered glass because exterior door glass can easily crack if it isn’t made from these two materials. Exterior door companies will often not replace exterior door glass for you unless they have the right material. So make sure you pick an exterior door with good exterior door glazing!

As you can see exterior doors are a very important part in your home and should really get some thought before purchasing them. Don’t just settle for any old exterior doors because soon enough they will start to look bad and exterior doors in general should be inspected for any exterior door problems that you may have.

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