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Create the perfect first impression with a new front door

If you want your home to make a statement with great curb appeal, it’s important to have the right front door. Mikita Door and Window can help you get the perfect entry door to complete your home’s design and help you make a great first impression.

Whatever type of entry door you’re looking for, Mikita Door and Window offers virtually endless options. Do you want to create a dramatic statement with beautiful French doors? Are you looking for a low-maintenance entry door that offers the best performance and value? Our specialists can help you choose the best replacement entry door for your home and take care of the installation.

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Some of our popular Entry Doors

Functional, beautiful and full of features. Our variety of entry doors can give you the entryway you need to give guests the impression you want.

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Entry Doors FAQs

Why choose Mikita Door & Window’s Entry Doors?

Mikita Door & Window offers you a wide selection of the most popular doors in today’s market with some incredible added features. Our doors are designed to last. We offer a wide selection of the most popular styles with some incredible features that you won’t find anywhere else!

Can I customize my entry door?

Yes! You can choose from a wide variety of door styles, as well as an array glass and hardware options to create your perfect entryway.

Are Mikita Door & Window’s Entry Doors protected by a warranty?

Entry doors are essential in every home. They make the first impression of your company and can last for decades, so it’s important that you trust only Mikita Doors with their limited lifetime warranty!

Does Mikita Door & Window offer wooden entry doors?

No. Fiberglass doors are the best choice for durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance. We offer wood grain finishes to match your home’s exterior while still providing you with an attractive door that will last longer than any other material out there!

Is steel or fiberglass the better entry door?

Fiberglass doors are the future of door technology. They offer many benefits over steel, including being more energy-efficient and cost effective while also lasting longer than their metal counterparts!

How do you measure an entry door?

To measure your entry door, first take note of its width and height of the door frame. Then find out how thick it is by measuring both lengthwise as well cross-sections along the top or bottom edge – whichever suits you best!

How do you paint an entry door?

To paint an entry door, you can remove it from the hinges or stand up. The first step is to prime them and then apply your chosen color(s). Consider whether there will be any weathering on this project because if temperature isn’t right for either hot Summer days or cold Winter nights then consider what time of year painting takes place in order not to have too many coats needing perfect conditions all at once!

How do you adjust the threshold on an entry door?

The threshold on your door can be adjusted to alter the amount of light that enters through its bottom. To adjust this, turn screws depending upon which way you want more/less illumination from outside coming in at night time! Cycles counterclockwise for raising and clockwise for lowering as needed-to make sure everything gets lit up just right when darkness takes over again tomorrow morning.

How do you insulate an entry door?

Weather stripping your door can help insulate and protect from drafts. Some doors are better than others, though- wooden ones will need more protection because they expand or contract with changes in temperature (depending on what type of wood you use). Fiberglass insulation contains foam which makes it an effective way to keep out cold air while letting hot stuff flow through easily; this is great for homes where heating costs matter most!

How do you adjust an entry door?

If you need to make adjustments on your door, here’s how: 

1) Cut under the hinge and disconnect it from both sides of its jamb with a J-Hook tool or a screwdriver. 

2) Place cardboard below the section that needs adjusting in order for us our saws fit through tight spaces 

3)Connect those two pieces back together while being careful not to damage anything around them!

Can I customize my Mikita Door & Window replacement door?

Mikita Door & Window has a wide selection of color options, glass designs and door styles to match your style. No matter what you are looking for Mikita Door & Window can help!

You’ll be able to find the perfect fit with ease when it comes time for replacement doors or new construction as our customized products allow easy customization down through design elements like colors on custom paint jobs at no extra cost

Will my replacement door be energy efficient?

Your new replacement door will be an efficient, cost-saving solution for your home. With superior insulation and weatherstripping that keep you comfortable all year long our energy conscious doors are crafted with Low E glass to help cut down on heating costs in winter months while reflecting summer heat away so homes stay cool!

What functionalities can I expect with my new Mikita Door & Window door?

Mikita Door & Window’s selection of doors is perfect for any home. They have replacement options that are both stylish and functional, with styles ranging from swing-out windows to sliding door models so you can find the right one at first glance!

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