Storm Doors

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Our storm doors excel in beauty, durability, security and energy efficiency

When you’re in search of durable and attractive replacement storm doors, Mikita Door and Window has several options that can complement the architecture of a wide variety of homes. Our company offers only the very best wholesale building supplies, and our selection of doors is no exception. Once you’ve found the perfect replacement storm door for your project, we’ll be happy to quickly deliver it to your site. We even have profession teams of installers who can ensure your storm door is properly installed to provide lasting protection to your entryway.

If you’d like to learn more about our replacement storm doors, or any of our other products for exterior front entry doors, contact Mikita Door and Window today.

Some of our popular Storm Doors

With a wide array of style options, our storm doors allow you to enhance your entryway to complement your home.

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Storm Doors FAQ’s

Do I need a storm door?

Storm doors are a great way to ensure your family’s safety in case of emergencies like inclement weather and severe storms. Mikita Door & Window offers top quality products with durable materials that can withstand everyday wear, as well as extreme conditions- perfect for you!

Are storm doors energy efficient?

Storm doors can be a great way to save money on your electric bill. They’re also energy efficient, which means you’ll lower both heating and cooling costs by preventing heat or cold from escaping through the door when it’s closed!

Does Mikita Door & Window install storm doors?

Yes! Mikita Door & Window  is here to provide you with storm doors of all sizes and shapes. We can install them professionally, quickly – no need for a headache!

Should your storm door match your front door color?

It is not necessary that your storm door matches the color of your front door, but you can choose a shade which complements it and adds style to any home. Mikita Door & Window offers many neutral tones like almond or sandstone for this purpose!

How do you measure for a storm door?

Before you can install a storm door, the opening needs to be measured. Measurements should include the length, width, and height of the frame.

Can a storm door be used alone?

Storm doors are not the best choice for exterior doorways because they’re usually thinner than entry-level models. Plus, some storms have glass in them which may make it difficult to install as an access point if you don’t have any windows on the side.

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