9 Practical Tips for Choosing the Best Exterior Window Style

Nothing beats sitting within your house and soaking in a picturesque view with warm sunlight streams through the windows. Windows are one of the most fantastic means of bringing the outdoors in and connecting with your exterior home for security and safety. If you are thinking about replacing your existing windows or customizing your next home, check out these nine helpful tips for picking the best style of exterior window from Mikita Doors & Windows for your home.

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Choose Windows That Complement the Architectural Style of Your Home

Every home has an architectural design style that makes it different from others. Selecting Mikita windows that complement your design style is the first step in choosing the right windows regardless if you live in a traditional Tudor style that features classic diamond-shaped mullions, or a modern and contemporary home with floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, follow the architectural style of your home for inspiration.

Determine the Function of Your Windows

While the primary window function is to allow light to come in, these also function as doorways. It could be sliding glass window doors to enter a porch, or they could be ornamental and fixed solely for aesthetic purposes. Take into account which areas your windows will serve and whether a view is essential or if it’s more important to provide light into a dark space, such as the pantry or closet. If a window isn’t possible, you can use solar tubes that extend from a side wall or the roof to allow light to shine into dark spaces.

Eye-Catching Mullions and Window Frames

Based on the style and color of your home’s architecture, you may choose mullions and frames that add color to the exterior. Look no further because Mikita Doors & Windows is a manufacturer that offers factory colors already incorporated into the frame material, whether you opt for metal or wood frames. If you decide to paint your frames and mullions, consult a paint professional about the best exterior paint to use in your application.

Choose the Ideal Window Frame Accent Colors

Deciding on the paint color palette of your exterior can be difficult. Examine the surroundings and nearby houses to get a sense of the existing colors. Select a trim color for your home and consider using a similar color on your window frames. Most homeowners opt for a field color and two accent colors for their home- one for the garage door, doorways, and window frames and one for the trim of their property. Look for pre-chosen color schemes at your nearest home improvement or paint store to save you time and heartache!

Choose the Best Window for The Amount Of Ventilation Required

Among the most significant features of a window is to allow fresh air and ventilation to flow into and out of your home. Determining which Mikita window type best meets your needs will assist you in deciding the best one for you. Most homes generally have a mix of fixed and operable windows.

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Select Windows That Complement Your Interior Design

While the exterior appearance of your windows is crucial, keep in mind how your windows function and boost your home appeal. In bathrooms, look for windows that allow light in. However, do not give direct views from outside (unless the view is on a higher ground level, obstructed, etc.). In public spaces, consider whether the view needs large picture windows that allow most light and view to come in or whether the room’s function requires different shaped and sized windows.

Know the Sun’s Orientation Before You Choose Windows

Consider how your home will sit relative to the rising and setting sun if you’re designing it with the help of a contractor or an architect. Based on where you live, you may experience the excessive late-day sun in your living area while watching television, as well as uninvited sunrise in your bedroom. Doing this can help guarantee that your home does not overheat and overcool during the seasons, resulting in higher utility bills.

Use Various Operable Windows 

Many homes have the traditional sash window, which means that the portable window can move left to right or up and down. Horizontal sliders slide horizontally, while double-hung windows slide up and down. Awning windows are common in condos and older residences, hinged at the top or bottom to enable the window to extend at an angle. Hopper windows with bottom hinges are typically used over windows and doorways and should be secured against the elements with the help of an exterior eave.

Make Your Windows the Centerpiece of Your Interior Design

Use window details, colors, shapes, and style to amp up your interiors, especially if your home’s architecture is unique or you have scenic views to take advantage of. Bay windows are made up of several glass pieces that are formed together to create more floor area within the home and are perfect for sitting nooks, kitchens, and bathrooms. Look for unique and distinct mullion designs to incorporate into your interior design.

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