Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park is a beautiful public park located near Freeport, NY. The park is situated on the south shore of Long Island and offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Baldwin Park is home to a variety of amenities, including a playground, a basketball court, and a picnic area. The park also has a rich history; it was originally created in 1873 as a private beach club for the wealthiest residents of Freeport. Today, Baldwin Park is open to the public and is enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

What to Do

Baldwin Park is a nature lover’s paradise, offering miles of hiking and biking trails, a picturesque pond, and plenty of opportunities to spot local wildlife. The park is also home to a variety of events throughout the year, including concerts, festivals, and farmers markets. Freeport is a bustling seaside village with something for everyone. Shop for unique gifts and souvenirs at the many boutiques and galleries, enjoy fresh seafood at one of the local restaurants, or explore the nautical history at the Freeport Maritime Museum. There’s also a lively nightlife scene, with bars and clubs offering live music and DJs seven nights a week.


Baldwin Park is home to a number of attractions that are perfect for a day trip or a longer vacation. For nature lovers, there are plenty of parks and gardens to explore, including the historic Vanderbilt Mansion and the serene Vanderbilt Museum Gardens. Visitors can also learn about the area’s rich history at the Nassau County Museum or take a stroll down memory lane at the Baldwin Park Historic District. There are also plenty of shopping and dining options in Baldwin Park, making it the perfect place to spend a day or two exploring all that Long Island has to offer.

Plan Your Visit

When planning a visit to Baldwin Park, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the park is open from sunrise to sunset. Second, the park has a playground, picnic area, and walking trails. Third, the park is located at the end of West Merrick Road. Finally, the park is near the Nautical Mile, so there are plenty of restaurants and shops nearby.

Overall, Baldwin Park is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a scenic place to take a walk or have a picnic. The park also has a playground and a few tennis courts, making it a good option for families with young children. Additionally, the park is located near several restaurants and shops, so you can easily find something to eat or drink after your visit. If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, Baldwin Park is definitely worth a visit.

If you’re looking for another place to enjoy the outdoors, be sure to check out Rev. Arthur Mackey Sr. Park. The park features a playground, picnic tables, and a basketball court. There’s also a walking trail that runs through the park, making it the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll. In addition, the park is well-maintained and offers plenty of amenities, making it a great spot for families to enjoy an afternoon together.

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