What Is The Difference Between Fiberglass And Steel Doors?

What Is The Difference Between Fiberglass And Steel Doors?

From 2020 to 2027, the exterior door market, sometimes called the entry door market, is projected to increase in value by 161.48%. These doors are necessary for any property because they increase curb appeal while offering security and insulation.

The most common entry doors available right now are made of exterior steel and fiberglass. Because they are stronger and more energy-efficient than conventional wood substitutes, they are starting to take over. Although both are excellent choices, they differ in particular ways.

Read our guide to learn more about the distinctions between steel and fiberglass doors and how to select the best one for your house.

What Are Steel and Fiberglass Doors?

Steel and fiberglass entry doors distinguish themselves from competing options in the production process. They are built of distinctive materials that make them strong and energy-efficient.

Glass fibers are used to reinforce the plastic material known as fiberglass. Two layers of fiberglass skin, an insulated foam core, and a substantial polyurethane frame make up fiberglass doors.

The core shields it from harm by acting as support and insulation. The side rails, made of wood or composite, reinforce the structure.

Although outside steel doors would be too heavy to rest on a wall if made of full steel, they aren’t. Instead, they are constructed from a 20 gauge front and the rear layer of steel.

What Is The Distinction Between Fiberglass and Steel Doors?

Not all of the differences between the two types of entry doors are due to materials. You’ll find that steel and fiberglass doors differ in personalization, toughness, and security.


For a fiberglass door, wood grain imitation is simpler. They can be the best option if you want your home to have a traditional wood look.

If you favor steel, don’t give up hope. These doors can now be customized more than ever, including cut-out glass designs. Although steel doors won’t have the same appearance as fiberglass ones, their designs can be more suitable for your house.


Fiberglass doors are strong and resistant to warping, dents, and scratches. They survive for many years. They only need to be cleaned occasionally with a moist cloth, making maintenance simple.

Due to the sturdy materials that they are constructed of, steel entry doors are also long-lasting. You can use an auto body kit to fix them if they get dinged or damaged. If the damage is severe, you might need to hire a pro or replace the door entirely.


One of its few drawbacks is that fiberglass doors aren’t the safest type. Compared to wood, they are more stable. Steel doors deserve this distinction due to their sturdy frames deter forceful entry. This is crucial since 34% of burglars enter houses through the front door, and 30% do so through an unlocked door or window.

How Do I Pick the Correct Door and Install It?

Although there are various possibilities within these broad categories, understanding the distinctions between fiberglass and steel doors will help you pick between them.

While picking a door, you should consider the brand, model, and curb appeal. Also, you’ll need to hire a qualified contractor to install the one you select.

Curb Appeal

In a normal housing market, curb appeal raises your home’s selling price by 7%; in a sluggish market, it increases it by 14%. The design and type of entry door you select might have an impact, among other things.

To avoid choosing a door that seems out of place in your house or neighborhood, remember that what looks good in one home could be an eyesore in another.

Choose the most realistic and alluring wood you can locate for a fiberglass door. Often, this is the most beautiful design that these doors have to offer.

Consider a cut-out glass pattern for a steel door, a wood-textured appearance with a smooth finish, or high-definition embossing. They’ll offer your house a contemporary flair and an extra layer of security that potential purchasers will value.

Brand and Model

Provia fiberglass and steel doors are among the leading brands competing for your business in the competitive entry door market. The firm is a reputable manufacturer with years of experience.

Three different fiberglass variants are available.


  • The thickness is 2.5 inches.
  • It has two seals on the door and frame
  • The bottom has a unique sweep
  • Record-breaking low heat conduction
  • Earned an Energy Star partnership


  • It is available in seven stains and five realistic wood grain styles.
  • You can adjust the dimensions.
  • Compared to other fiberglass doors, it is more resilient.
  • A warranty guards it.


  • It provides a realistic wood look.
  • It is resilient and resistant to warping.
  • Enables you to alter the size, stain, and finish

Determining your priorities for your home will help you decide which of these three solutions is best for you. The Embarq offers maximum energy efficiency, the Signet has a more enticing look, and the Heritage is tough and secure.


  • It’s a door fit for a professional.
  • Efficient about energy
  • Embossed texture creates the appearance of a typical panel wood door.
  • There are numerous styles available.
  • Provides a sideline

The Bottom line:

  • The distinctions between steel and fiberglass doors let you choose which is ideal for your house.
  • They all offer distinctive patterns and various degrees of toughness and security.
  • You’ll need to choose between steel and fiberglass as your first option.
  • Also, you must choose the best model and brand for your house and the installer.

How Do I Locate the Best Door Contractor?

A vital first step is to locate the ideal installer to put your chosen door. They’ll be able to set it up correctly, customize it to your needs, and, if necessary, return to make repairs.

Ensure the selected professional has a proven track record of producing high-quality results. To find out how much the job will cost, get a quote. Several dealers will install doors for free or at a reduced price if you buy them.

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